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Our tour is 

With an approximate duration of one hour and a half ​


Upon arrival at the Shelter, any visitor is greeted at the reception and assigned a Tour Guide who will be in charge of telling all the stories and reasons why all the animals you see on the tour, are Educational Ambassadors and can not go back to nature. 


The Shelter is located just 5 minutes from downtown San José. It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance. The trails are 100% cemented, wheelchairs can enter . The tour does not have a fixed duration, it will last longer depending on your interest and interaction with the tour guide.


It is recommended to bring sunscreen and insect repellent.


Entry Fee

Nacionales y Residentes


Adulto  ₡ 6.000

Niños   ₡ 4.500   (mayores de 3 años)

Adulto mayor  ₡4.500

Estudiante con ID  ₡4.500

Discapacitados   NO PAGAN 

Adult  $ 30.00

Child   $ 15.00   (Older 3 years)

Elderly  $ 25.00

Student with ID  $ 25.00

Disabled   Free Entry 

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