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He is currently finishing courses to obtain his Master's Degree in Conservation Medicine from the National University of Costa Rica, graduated from the General Biology Career with an emphasis on Ecology and Sustainable Development from the Latin University of Costa Rica (Lauréate International Universities)


Scholarship Winner 2008 Ellen Trout Zoo Crocodilian Conservation Award for the Specialized Course ¨Biology and Management of Crocodiles of the World. Taught by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in conjunction with Alligator farm Florida.

He has worked for different Productions of Television Programs in the management of Wild Animals.


November 2009 National Geographic Channel. (Dangerous Encounters with Dr. Brady Barr) Documentary. ¨The most dangerous snakes in the world (Velvet – Bothrops asper) ¨

October 2007 National Geographic Channel. (Crocodile Chronicles with Dr. Brady Barr.) Documentary: “Why are the Tárcoles Crocodiles going blind?”

April 2006 National Geographic Channel. (Crocodile Chronicles with Dr. Brady Barr.) Documentary: “Super Crocodiles (Tárcoles)”

August 2010 GBS Productions. Wild Animal Management (Documentary for BBC Tropical Environments)

December 2011 American Production. Management of Caucel (Leopardus weidy), White-faced Monkey (Cebus capuchinus), Velvet (Bothrops asper)

Commercial Brand Claritine with Jeff Corwin.

In 2012 he participated in various commercial filming with wild animals throughout the country.

In 2013 he worked again with Jeff Corwin in a private event at the Five Seasons Hotel managing 6 species of wild animals.

In 2015 he participated as a crocodile expert in a Discovery Channel filming for SHARK WEEK 2016.

Achievements in his career as a Biologist:

Natural Museum of Herpetology. Costa Rica University. Field research, production, and collaboration of research papers, such as Rediscovery of the “extinct” Holdridge Incilius toad holdridgei: Viewed 25 years later. Costa Rica (2009) A new species of ding frog ¨Diaspurus ventrimaculatus¨ (Anura: Eleutherodactylus: Diasporus) from the Talamanca mountain range, Costa Rica (2009).


Wild World S.A. Wild World Serpentarium. Administrator of four museums: Atlantic Tramway Snake Farm in the Jungle, Tramway Pacific Snake Farm, Atlantic Tramway Butterfly Farm to the Rain Forest, and the Atlantic Tramway Frog Farm rain forest aerial.


IN Bio Park. Administrator and caretaker of the reptiles Collaborator of Report 11(in depth) Costa Rican Wildlife Documentaries. Costa Rican Crocodiles and Caimans – The Great Crocodile Migration – The Costa Rican Golden-eyed Frog (Agalichnys annae).


2010: Founder and Biologist of the Refugio Animal de Costa Rica


Our crew

Rodolfo Vargas 

Our founder


Need to contact Rodolfo?

Feel free to contact Rodolfo regarding any project with wild life animals, he can always help with any question regarding rescues

Alice Boracchia 
Volunteer and Communication Agent

Innate lover of animals. In charge of everything that concerns the Volunteer Program and communication of the Shelter; Alice works full time to ensure that environmental education messages reach all visitors and the media.  

Larissa Helena Calis
Head Animal Keeper 

Larissa is a biologist by profession and Brazilian. He studied and practiced for years with the fauna of the Brazilian Amazon and since he joined the Shelter team, she has shared all her knowledge and love for animals with the team and the animals that live at the shelter.

Dra. Mariana Diaz Orlich 
Head veterinary 

Vet. Mariana is in charge of the Shelter's Veterinary Clinic, where cats and dogs are treated on the private practice, and it also treats all rescued animals, she also is in charge to give constant check-ups to all the Shelter resident animals.

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